4. Dieselpunk as an Art Movement

Artwork (including visual arts, music, literature, and architecture) created in the dieselpunk style are heavily influenced by elements of the art movements most prevalent in Western culture during the diesel era such as:

  • Arts – Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco (incl. Streamline Moderne), Bauhaus, Constructivism, Cubism, Dada, De Stijl (Neo-Plasticism), Functionalism, Futurism, International Style, Rationalism, Surrealism, and Low Brow Art.
From Architectural Fantasies, 1925-1933

Iakov Chernikhov, from “Architectural Fantasies”, 1925-1933

AeroStream by Stefan Prohaczca

  • Music – Sources for dieselpunk music include Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, Cabaret, Swing, and Bluegrass. Dieselpunk music includes Swing-Punk, Electro-Swing, and Dark Cabaret.
  • Literature – Symbolism, Stream of consciousness, Modernism, Postmodernism, Pulp, Hardboiled Detective and Noir

Dieselpunk: Retro Futures of the All-American Art Deco Years with a forward by Stefan Paris, scheduled for release on August 1, 2014. describes the book as, “Showcasing 30 of the very best artists working in the Dieselpunk genre, marrying current design techniques to the fabulous deco aesthetics of the 1920s-1950s.”



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