4.6 Dieselpunk Visual Art

According to online magazine Dark Roasted Blend, in an article titled “Dieselpunk: Love Affair with a Machine”, dieselpunk art “takes an interest in various bizarre machines, full of esoteric levers, cracked-glass meters – all visually intense and pretty sinister-looking, when photographed.” The article references Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita having created one of the definitive examples of dieselpunk art with his work “I Can’t Explain.” The article also references Kow Yokoyama as a dieselpunk artist with his figurine series titled “Maschinen Krieger.”


NFZ W7 by 600v @ DeviantART

Other prominent artists in the dieselpunk movement include: Sam Van Olffen, Keith Thompson, Rob Schwager, Stefan Prohaczka, Paul Sizer, ixlrlxi aka 600v, Giles Messier aka DecoEchoes, Alexey Lipatov, lnago, Waldemar Kazak, Paul Roman Martinez, José García aka cutangus, Mike Doscher aka Malaveldt, donaguirre, rodolforever, Rob Watkins.

June of 2012, the Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside, California, USA, presented an exposition titled, Zeitgeist: Dieselpunk Tinkerbots by Dan Jones.

From January 1 through 30 2014, the art gallery at the Manske Library in Farmers Branch, Texas hosted the world’s first demonstration of Dieselpunk Art. Artwork displayed was Stefan Prohaczka, Tazio Bettin, Joseph Yeh and John Wofford. In addition, there was displays of classic Paper Moon Photo Booth Photography and Hard Boiled Detectives provided by Jack and Beverly Wilgus.



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