2.3 The Meaning of “Punk”

There’s been much discussion in the Dieselpunk community about the use of the suffix “Punk.” Punk adds several elements to Dieselpunk.

The – punk suffix allows for twisting and mixing. The Punk component allows for alternative history, horror, science fiction and more.

In addition, the Punk in Dieselpunk is a postmodern phenomenon with an emphasis on the poststructuralist aspect that, rather than a metanarrative, involves a first-person narrative. The individual reconstructs or reimagines the source material and consciously intends to blend this inspiration with a contemporary idea or style.

Finally, the –punk suffix reflects a counter-cultural attitude of dissatisfaction with contemporary society and displays that dissatisfaction in the way the person celebrates Dieselpunk individually and within the community.


Hans Behrendt, Atlas supporting the heavens in “Potsdam” (1927)


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