Our Gallery: The Streamlined World of Robert LaDuke

31 Aug

Only recently we discovered a modern artist who perfectly combines Diesel Era artifacts with today’s attitude. His artwork won’t seem out of place in a 1930s club or post office or gallery. But is it old-fashioned? Just well-rooted.

Swimming by Robert LaDuke (2012)

A short note from Bonner David Gallery website:

LaDuke’s narrative paintings are a combination of memories, dreams and everyday life, and as such his work remains open-ended. Paintings which tell a complete story from beginning to end are not compelling to him. He puts a lot of personal iconography into each piece, but does not wish to dictate a strict narrative.

LaDuke prefers viewers find their own interpretation of his work. Ideally, LaDuke’s desire is to paint works which create more questions than answers. Viewers are free to imagine multiple meanings in his work…

We can add something: Robert LaDuke’s post-modernism has a lot in common with 1920s and 1930s metaphysical art. The objects – all these aircraft, locomotives, skyscrapers, cars and trailers – are recognizable and realistic but the atmosphere is surreal, enigmatic, unpredictable.

Let’s open our eyes and turn our imagination on.

Shortcut by Rober LaDuke (2006)

Race by RobertLaDuke (2008)

Nature by Robert LaDuke (2008)

Big Stick by Robert LaDuke (2008)

Blind Spot by Robert LaDuke (2008)

Top Speed by Robert LaDuke (2008)

Hollywood by Robert LaDuke (2008)

Snowball by RobertLaDuke (2009)

Winter by Robert LaDuke (2009)

Tallest by Robert LaDuke (2010)

California by Robert LaDuke (2010)

East West Bank by Robert LaDuke (2010)

Redwood by Robert LaDuke (2010)

Sprinkle by Robert LaDuke (2010)

Overland by Robert LaDuke (2010)

Pruning by Robert LaDuke (2010)

Hollywoodland by Robert LaDuke for LA Art Fair (2011)

Finish Line by Robert LaDuke (2011)

Wake by Robert LaDuke (2011)

Mantle by Robert LaDuke (2011)

Rain by Robert LaDuke (2011)

Mercury by Robert LaDuke (2012)

Commuter by Robert LaDuke (2012)

© All rights reserved by Robert LaDuke

All images linked to their respective pages on the artist’s Flickr photostream


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4 responses to “Our Gallery: The Streamlined World of Robert LaDuke

  1. Brad Stanton

    September 1, 2012 at 3:07 am

    totally awesome artwork

  2. Dan G

    September 1, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    I really like LaDuke’s attitude towards his viewers. A GREAT way to paint a story!
    The vehicles and action scenes are fantastic, (love all of the Bee’s!) but I was surprised to find that I think I like “Hollywoodland” the best. Maybe its because I often feel like I have days like that. LOL

  3. Mark Anthony Henderson

    September 3, 2012 at 4:00 am

    I want to live in this world.


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