Our Gallery: The Adventures of the 19XX

03 Aug

Dieselpunk is proud to present The 19XX Organization.

Somewhere in the 20th century…

not long after the end of the Great War, those who were capable of hearing it, received a revelation… another Great War was coming. This coming war would push the limits of technology, split the atom to create the power of a small star, and bring together forces more evil than the world has ever known. That this war would happen was man’s fatal destiny, but the outcome of the war and the details of it were not as clear. A weak League of Nations banded together to form a group. A group capable of doing what those countries could not. A group of adventurers, explorers, and scientists from every allied country to search the globe and fight a battle far from the public eye. This group is The 19XX, all the public has been told is that they are fighting for all of the good in humanity to survive the nineteen hundreds and beyond.

19XX comic stripe

19XX two-page spread

Their mission is to track down every powerful relic, every modern and undiscovered weapon, and every magic incantation ever uttered on the earth’s crust, because the forces of evil responsible for the next Great War would be searching for the very same thing. Nothing in the realm of the tangible or intangible is off limits when the fate of the entire world is at stake.

The 19XX is a brainchild of Paul Roman Martinez.

Paul Roman Martinez

A brief introduction – in his own words:

I am sr. graphic designer/web designer currently based out of Ventura, CA. My degree is in communications with an emphasis on computer media with a minor in history. I have been doing graphic design, web work, and illustration for a long time, so I decided to kind of combine all of those things as well as my love of history into this dieselpunk themed comic.

Mr. Martinez doesn’t limit himself to comic books. Let’s see a few examples of his art:

Rocketeer by Paul Roman Martinez

A Night in Monte Carlo by Paul Roman MartinezMaybach Airship Engine by Paul Roman MartinezBioshock Infinite / Spirit of Columbia by Paul Roman MartinezVox Populi - Break the Chains / Bioshock Infinite by Paul Roman MartinezBut the artist’s opus magnum is certainly the 19XX series continuously published as a webcomic since 2009.

Fate is the Beast by Paul Roman MartinezThe 19XX Movie Poster by Paul Roman MartinezThe Carpathian by Paul Roman Martinez19XX comic strip by Paul Roman Martinez19XX comic strip by Paul Roman Martinez19XX comic strip by Paul Roman Martinez
The first 19XX book, Rise of the Black Faun, is sold out, and now the second is underway – Montezuma 1934. If you want to support the author (and to get a signed copy of this self-published volume, probably with some personal bonus or two) please proceed to a Kickstarter page.

The 19XX poster by Paul Roman MartinezWe wish Mr. Martinez every possible and impossible success. Keep up the good work, Paul!

The 19XX talking board by Paul Roman Martinez


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One response to “Our Gallery: The Adventures of the 19XX

  1. Mark

    January 22, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    What if the Soviets genetically engineered dinosaurs and used zeppelins to deploy them as part of Stalin’s mad scheme to conquer the West? Awesomeness.


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