Summer Report

30 Jun

Six months ago, we started this website. Now it’s time for summing up a bit. No need to tell us that the stats are oooh sooo boooring, everybody knows it. To add a dieselpunk twist, we’ll mix the numbers with some fantastic creations of Tolga Toykoç aka ttvortex, a concept artist from Turkey (to see higher-resolution images please visit his gallery @ Deviantart).

XB-7 Death Dealer by ttvortex

XB-7 Death Dealer by ttvortex

Now, to the stats. More than 52 thousand visits. Daily average: 283 hits. Not bad. Still we have to work a lot to surpass the success of our Grand Opening (Jan. 1, 2012) – 2,107 visits in one day!

We’ve got some charts handy, Greatest Hits and Lesser Hits as well. Here comes the list of our Most Popular Articles (home page excluded):

  1. Dieselpunk DIY (1,588 hits)
  2. Dieselpunk Visual Art (1,449 hits)
  3. Dieselpunk Fashion (1,437 hits)
  4. History of Dieselpunk (1,360 hits)
  5. Dieselpunk Cinema (1,318 hits)

Some pages, like “Cinema”, “Fiction & Literature” and “Gaming Industry” are frequently updated. Seen it once? Come again!

Moray X by ttvortex

Moray X by ttvortex

Our Most Popular Galleries are:

  1. The Fantastic Art of 600v (1,759 hits)
  2. The Art of Alexey Lipatov (1,738 hits)
  3. Diesel Era Giants (1,687 hits)
  4. Alternative Military Style (1,578 hits, surprisingly)
  5. The Future That Never Was (1,263 hits)

Of course there are others, well worth a look. And more to come (at least three galleries per month).

Crimson II by ttvortex

Crimson II by ttvortex

On the other hand, some of our entries are overlooked by the visitors:

  1. Dieselpunk Anthropology by Lord K (231 hits)
  2. Tenets of Dieselpunk by Tome Wilson (504 hits; never mind, the article was published @ io9!)
  3. Discovering Dieselpunk by Messrs. Ottens & Piecraft (595 hits; OK, everyone could read it in the Gatehouse Gazette years ago)

Probably we’ll add some new pages like Dieselpunk Comic Books, etc. Time will tell.

XF-77 Sting by ttvortex

XF-77 Sting by ttvortex

And there are galleries waiting for more attention:

  1. Dieselpunk Timetools (455 hits)
  2. Jon Hall’s Air Power (567 hits)
  3. Postcards From Shanghai (598 hits)

Are you a Dieselpunk artist / author / musician / craftsman / publisher? Feel like you must be mentioned here? What’s the problem – just contact us!

The Hellraiser by ttvortex

The Hellraiser by ttvortex

Dieselpunk, as an international phenomenon, attracts people from all over the world. This site’s Global Counter started to function only four months ago, so the data is inconsistent – but nevertheless important.

Visits by Country (Top Ten)

  1. United States (10,560)
  2. Russian Federation (5,835)
  3. Ukraine (2,466)
  4. United Kingdom (1,800)
  5. Germany (1,762)
  6. Canada (1,088)
  7. France (914)
  8. Italy (744)
  9. Australia (714)
  10. Brazil (700)

Our Encyclopedia sparked some interest in countries as distant and different as Mongolia, Senegal, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Manta by ttvortex

Manta by ttvortex

All these results are achieved thanks to our numerous friends who promoted and quoted Dieselpunk Encyclopedia. With more aggressive promotion, especially via the most fashionable social networks, it could turn into a thousand-hits-per-day vehicle, but is it our #1 priority? Definitely not!

Rattler by ttvortex

Rattler by ttvortex

The Encyclopedia is here to stay as your independent non-commercial Diesel fuel source, trustworthy and friendly.

Thank you!


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One response to “Summer Report

  1. David mark brown

    July 1, 2012 at 2:53 am

    I’m seeing more and more dieselpunk stuff in my google alerts every day. I think this website is and will be a huge resource.


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