Our Gallery: Alternative Military Style

28 Apr

Looks can kill. They can also ignite a discussion.

Last year, one Anarchist lady accused our fellow dieselpunks (those who sport military style outfits) of pro-Nazi aspirations and proposed to adopt the Spanish Republicans / WWII Resistance as a source of inspiration. Indeed, the irregulars’ looks have a lot in common with the “punk” component of the movement but we cannot ignore the desire to reflect the “orderly” aspect of the Diesel Era.

Speaking for this Encyclopedia’s staff, we must say that no one of us sees WWII German uniform as “cool” or “sexy”. It will be always associated with the crimes against humanity and any attempt to revive it inside dieselpunk crowd should be condemned (WWII reenactment is another story). On the other hand, it is simply stupid to label a guy who modeled his outfit on the New Jersey State Police uniform as a “Nazi sympathizer”.

It is true that some elements of the German militaria are widely imitated and commercialized, especially in the Far East. One of the reasons for this is the lack of information on other uniforms. The common knowledge is limited to the looks of the US, British, German and post-1943 Soviet servicemen. This limits our imagination. To broaden the horizons, we decided to publish a few examples of late 1930s – early 1940s uniforms.

Uniforms 1 - Australia

1941 Mar., Syria, Private, 7th Division
1941 May, Tobruk, Private, 9th Division

Uniforms 2 - Belgium

1940 Apr., Colonel, 1st Inf. Regiment
1940 May, Major, 1st Regiment, Belgian Air Force

Uniforms 3 - Czechoslovakia

Lance-Sergeant, 1st Inf. Regiment
Staff Captain, Czechoslovak Air Force

Uniforms 4 - Denmark

1940 Jan., 1st Lieutenant, Reconnaissance Unit, Danish Air Force
1940 Jan., Private, Jutland Division

Uniforms 5 - France

1940 May, Sedan, Major, 46 Inf. Regiment
1940 May, Toulon, Lieutenant, Mediterranean Fleet

Uniforms 6 - Greece

1940 Oct., Lieutenant, Artillery Regiment
1941 Mar., Wing Commander, Fighter Squadron

Uniforms 7 - Poland

1939 Sep., Captain, Bomber Brigade
1939 Sep., Lieutenant, Fighter Squadron

Uniforms 8 - USSR

1940 Jan., Kiev, Colonel, Armored Division
1940 June, Kiev, Major, Red Army Air Force

Uniforms 9 - Yugoslavia

1941 Apr., Captain, Fighter Flight
1941 Apr., Captain, Infantry Regiment

For a dessert, only one inspirational photograph:
Swiss General Guisan 1941

Swiss Commander & Chief, General Henri Guisan getting in his 1939 Buick Special Convertible

Free your mind. Use the details to create something of your own. Remember: Dieselpunk is not imitation, it is imagination.


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2 responses to “Our Gallery: Alternative Military Style

  1. todesjager

    August 9, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    I would suggest in many respects if using German uniforms to use Pre-1933 Uniforms, Especially WW1 Imperial Uniforms, Granted, Still probably has a some schtick attached, but by far not as much as anything Post 1930.


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