Our Gallery: Postcards from Shanghai

17 Apr

This gallery is inspired by a discussion @ Just a few quotes:

Atterton: One place that seems iconic for the 30s and 40s is Shanghai. It seems to have been an interesting blend of east and west, as well as popularizing the look of women in red qipaos.

Cap’n Tony: Certainly All Things Chinese (in Western eyes), be it Shanghai or Chinatown, Mandarin Dresses and silk sport coats, Ming vases and Chinese architecture, Opium Dens and Tea Houses, or (unfortunately) Yellow Peril & Dragon Lady stereotypes, are intrinsically linked to the Diesel aestetic.

lord_k: In my eyes, 1920s-1930s Shanghai is the Dieselpunk capital of Asia – with its Deco architecture, rapid development and everything Western mixed with everything Oriental.

Komissar Hass: Personally having lived in Shanghai for some years in childhood, and having visited it last spring once more, I can say that now it gives a feel of some morbid, yet fascinating “oriental-capitalist-revolutianary-communist-mafia” dieselpunk mix simultaneously with classic cyberpunk images.

Matthew Seibel: I’d love to read a Dieselpunk story set in Shanghai… that’d rock! And we’ve got a perfect setting for the story.

LIFE Images Archive preserved many postcards and amateur photographs of 1930s Shanghai – a fantastic city where East meets West, where paper lanterns and neon lights shine together, where concrete-and-steel skyscrapers rise above clay huts. Let’s have a look.

Broadway Mansions: under construction (above) and several months later (below)

Here comes the night:

 Our trip has come to an end. One more look at the great city:

Images © Time Inc.


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2 responses to “Our Gallery: Postcards from Shanghai

  1. Dieselpunk

    April 30, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Gorgeous shots! Very atmospheric and evocative of this unique time in history.


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