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International Dieselpunk Day - Nov 12, 2014

The goal of the International Dieselpunks Day is to bring together Dieselpunks on one day, November 12th, 2012, to celebrate and promote this fantastic genre. Here’s a set of links to help individuals in making contact with Dieselpunks in your part of the world. Join in and help us make this a worldwide celebration!

North Texas Dieselpunks

Sindicato Dieselpunk

Vancouver Dieselpunks

Dieselpunk South Australia

Middle Tennessee Dieselpunks

Don’t have a group in your area? Do you want to know how to start one? Larry Amyett, the founder of the North Texas Dieselpunks, provides useful directions on how to start a Dieselpunk during the premier episode of the Diesel Powered Podcast.  

Episode 1 of Diesel Powered Podcast

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